Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland
OAR 11, 12, 13 : 1253 - 1564
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  quade land  
Date Summary Rec details
1437.02.01 The widow of Meynert Dircszonn, Aechte, agrees to assume responsibility for land and attendant hydraulic requirements of Lijsbet Jans dochter, who abandoned her land and has fled the area.


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1417.03.05 After taking much testimony, settlement of a dispute: disposition of responsibilities for the dike in Quadelinge


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1400.12.28 Regulation of the authority and manner of schouw, most likely of the Gouwe and/or its kaden.
Date Summary Rec details
1440.03.23 A decision made by four heemraden with the dijkgraaf is just as binding as if it were made by all.
Date Summary Rec details
1445.10.05 Permission for Schoot to perform inspections with 4 instead of 5 people because of lack of residents.
Date Summary Rec details
1451.10.05 Confirm a decision that from now on hoogheemraden must attend all meetings or be assessed (from their compensation from the penninggeld) 6 lbs. per missed meeting unless they are ill or have had to travel to outside of Holland, Zeeland, or Friesland.



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